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    The state of our nation.

    This from the SPCA...

    Listed below is a sequence of horrific violent attacks on animals since late January 2010.

    Lucky Lucy, a pregnant little dog was tied to railway lines in Wellington, Western Cape. Fortunately she was seen, rescued and survived her ordeal despite horrific injuries which necessitated amputation. The act itself was extreme and sadistic.

    The latest was a report from a member of the public stating that a dog had been knocked over in the road in Muizenburg. The dog was still alive but its back legs appeared to be broken. A Metro Rescue vehicle arrived. The paramedic climbed out after looking at the dog, took a spade out of his bakkie and handed it to civilians who, amid much laughter and squeamish squeals, proceeded to 'put the dog out of its misery’ - by attempting to hack its head off with the spade!

    An adult male whose identity is known to us appeared in the Witbank Magistrates’ Court on 16 February charged with beating his cross-bred dog to death with a spade. The matter was postponed until 22 February.

    A dog was stabbed to death by a 14-year-old in Middleburg, Mpumalanga. Press reports indicate that he went home after accusing two younger playmates of stealing his marbles. He then allegedly threatened the other boys with a knife. After they fled he stabbed the dog to death.

    The Daily Sun reported on 24 February that a 36-year-old man was arrested for hanging his own dog (according to the report “his dog was also hungry”) for stealing a piece of meat.

    On the same day the newspaper carried a report that a school principal is facing charges of animal cruelty after “a sick, defenceless and helpless dog lay in a wheelbarrow in the blistering sun. And kids were beating it with sticks. This is what their principal had allegedly instructed them to do.”

    Juveniles were allegedly involved in the case in Macassar near Somerset West when a cat was beaten and abused. A caring individual rescued the animal and took it to a local veterinarian who put the cat to sleep to end its suffering. According to Eyewitness News on 24 February, “Every bone in its body had been broken. The children were seven, eight and ten years old. They had used a cricket bat on the cat and thrown bricks when it couldn’t get away.”

    In each of these instances, SPCAs are involved and criminal charges will be laid.

    It shocks us to the core to hear of such blatantly cruel, unjustifiable instances – all of which beg the question of what kind of person would do this.

    Warning bells ring regarding the need for humane education but above all we raise questions regarding the mentality of individuals who initiate and partake in such violence. If this is indicative of any individuals in our country, we have a crisis on our hands. Research known as First Strike (see confirms that violence against animals can lead to violence against people.

    Worrying elements include the involvement of children or of individuals responsible for the teaching, leadership and welfare of our young people. The school principal mentioned above is not the first. Last year, Andile Jezile, an Eastern Cape school teacher dragged his dog behind his vehicle for over 2km. His admission of guilt plea and attempts to plea bargain were rejected by the Kokstad Magistrates’ Court. He was found guilty on seven counts of cruelty under the Animals Protection Act and sentenced to a fine of R3 000 or 18 months imprisonment, half suspended for five years.

    Are these people not shaming our nation?

    My name is Lucky Lucy...updated!

    For all interested people... here is an update on Lucy. We also have some updated pics - you can check them all out in our Newsworthy page.

    Natalie says "Lucy is slowly adjusting to the amputation, it will take her some time to get the "balance" right. She is however eating well and is at ease with both the vets around her as well as Richelle, the girl that saved her. This initial bond is strong and I am really pleased that Richelle is adopting Lucy - she could not have asked for a better home!

    I will send another up-date in a few days time and also feedback as soon as I get any information on the identification of the person/people that did this to Lucy.

    Thanks again for everyone's support, prayers, kind e-mails and donations!"


    My name is Lucky Lucy and I was tied to a railway line to be hit by a train.

    All I remember is that I was happy and playing, I was fed and didn't go hungry. Perhaps my owner did love me at one stage cause I lived well and warm, I was clean and had friends to play with and I found a boyfriend and carried his babies, but then suddenly for some reason something changed in my owner.

    He went looking for a strong rope, something that couldn't snap or get loose and he took me with him, which I thought would be the usual stroll you go on with your owner. But then we were at the train tracks and he grabbed me, took my hind legs and stretched them out to be tied to my front legs, them my body stretched, was tied to the railway line. Then he took my head and tied it to the bolt that holds the track in place. My head must have been about a centimetre away from the track.

    Then he turned and walked away... didn't even look back. I thought at first this must be a game but he disappeared. I didn't know what was going on - then I felt the vibration and heard the noise... I saw this huge train coming at me and I couldn't move... I tried with all my strength but I just couldn't move...

    The train went over my leg - my paw was gone and my muscle had been ripped from my already smashed bone.

    I didn't feel any more... I just lay dead still and waited to die - a few more trains went over me... I just closed my eyes and hoped I would die soon to end this agony.

    Out of nowhere this man saw me, he screamed and ran away only to come back with two people. They jumped out of their car and cut my neck and paws from the ropes. I don't know if my life was now going to be completely over cause who would want to keep me alive - in my state?

    They put me in their car and took me to the hospital. I head the lady and man say "Hold on for us girl... don't give up... we will help you".

    Now I will try my best to pull through, I know they are asking everyone to pray for me, so I will pray for me too.


    The National Council of SPCAs forwards this mail to our contacts advising that the dog is alive and is with a private veterinarian in Wellington in the Western Cape as this SPCA does not have a veterinarian or clinic. It is confirmed that an investigation is underway.

    Once the dog has been stabilised, she will have to have a limb amputated, the complication being that she is pregnant.

    Shock and condemnation is expressed by the National Council of SPCAs on behalf of the entire SPCA movement in South Africa.

    An urgent appeal is made to everyone to sterilise their pets. In the event that an animal is no longer wanted for whatever reason or if anyone cannot keep a pet any longer, please take the animal to an SPCA. No questions will be asked. The animal will be taken into safe keeping.

    Please help the SPCA Wellington to deal with this and other issues.

    Donations may be made to the following account to benefit the SPCA Wellington:

    Bank: Nedbank
    Account name: SPCA Wellington
    Account number:102 200 2074
    Branch code: 102905

    Note from the South Africa Online team: We have edited the images for this article. If you wish to see the horrific full images, they are available on our newsworthy page.

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    Why do I love South Africa?

    I love her for the perfection of her days
    The crisp Karoo morning
    The Joburg winter noon
    The late summer Cape Town sunset
    The star-filled Free State night

    I love her for her people
    For our warm smiles
    For our resilience
    For our I-am-because-we-are

    I love her because she delights my senses
    Highveld thunderbolts
    Jacarandas in bloom
    Sunday braais
    African sun
    Icy sea

    I love her raw power, her intensity, her strength

    I love her because of how she makes me feel
    Sometimes angry, sometimes joyous
    Sometimes fearful, sometimes love-filled
    Sometimes frustrated, sometimes hopeful
    Always alive

    I love her because she intrigues me
    And challenges me
    The Chinese have a curse: "May you live in interesting times"
    I see it as a blessing

    I love her because she helps me keep things in perspective
    By reminding me how privileged I am
    Every day

    I love her for being a microcosm of the world
    A world in one country
    For what we can teach the world
    About compromise
    And sharing
    And forgiveness
    And tolerance
    And hope

    I love her because she's imperfect
    And full of opportunity
    And potential unfulfilled

    I love her because she has come so far
    And has so much further to go
    And whether we ever get there
    Will all depend on us

    I love her because she's been so good to me
    And she inspires me to return the favour

    I love her because she's my country
    No matter what
    I love her because she's my home
    And where my soul is at rest

    By Ian Macdonald

    Originally posted at Brand South Africa

    Looking for a pet?

    I am living at HAWSMy name is ZorroAre you willing to give a loving home to an abandoned cat, dog or other animal? Visit the new Animal Havens and Sanctuaries section in our directory that lists organisations helping animals find new loving homes.

    If you know of other sites that we have not yet listed, please let us know.

    PS... Hello... Zorro here - you can see my pic on the right. I have found a loving home now - but there are hundreds more like me (well perhaps not quite as cute as I am!) who desperately need someone to love them and give them a good home. Please help us.

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    'To be positive means to enjoy the rare gift of hope. It means confidence that tomorrow will be better than today... our country has great need of such people.' - Thabo Mbeki, President of South Africa. 
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